sxsw, i love you

well, how does one even begin to sum up in actual words an experience like sxsw?  as i have thus discovered, one doesn’t.  so, instead of trying to explain the massive amounts of soul splitting joy i was constantly dipped in, from beautiful friends to heart exploding music, i decided to let the music do all the talking.  here is a handful of songs by a handful of bands that i hadn’t necessarily done a lot of listening to, or that i was reminded i should be listening to more.  and after seeing them all play live in austin, my ears just can’t seem to get enough… sxsw, i love you.

tooth ache//skin

sean nicholas savage//common be happy

grimes//dream fortress

foxes in fiction//bathurst

sharon van etten//peace signs

high highs//open season

lands and people//in living colour

gold panda//marraige